I am a poet, fiction writer and photographer. Most of my work centers around the dark side of human emotion, such as depression, self loathing, longing, etc. I also make a point to incorporate a ghostly feel to my work, considering I have always had an overwhelming fascination with the paranormal. Japanese and Native American culture are also themes I like to include in my work. Many of my stories/poems are inspired by these lovely cultures and people.
My favorite writers are Anne Rice and Sherman Alexie. I first read “The Vampire Lestat” at age 13, and that book provoked my passion to become a writer myself. I have always loved to write though. At the age of eight I remember writing short stories and getting excited about being in my own world and creating different identities. I still experience that euphoria every time I write. It is my pleasure to share my work with you and have you as a guest on this blog. I encourage everyone who is a writer to join me in the creative world.

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